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Welcome to ADSAR





Welcome to ADSAR
We are an Arizona based company that can provide document or file to CD scanning at competitive pricing. No need to rummage thru boxes or cabinets to find files.
Thousands of pages on one CD.

All of your data at your finger tips with the click of a button. Search a CD for information with the use of links to the page or section you need to view and copy. Files can be linked by categories, customers or dates.
Catalogs or training/troubleshooting manuals can be stored and linked as well as documents.
Old P.O.'s or requisitions can be located and printed from a CD in a fraction of the time they can be located from a storage box or cabinet.

Sharing information:

Records, manuals, catalogs and letters can be scanned to a CD.
Companies with more than one site use this to share several types of information.
A CD can be transported to a customers site and reviewed. Pages can be printed or saved to computer for future use. A copy can be made and sent as required. We can keep a master and add new data as needed.
A CD is is much more cost effective than manuals or catalogs and can hold several of each. Pictures can be added to CD.


ADSAR uses the most dependable and user friendly format available, PDF.
Most computers are shipped with the Adobe reader or has been loaded to view documentation.

Maintenance,setup and troubleshooting manuals our specialty
Access to any section can be viewed and printed out by using custom links.No need to carry large manuals around or search for information..

ARIZONA PHONE 602-244-0393
FAX 602-273-1830
TEXAS 972-878-6636

Carin Brauer